Postdoc Fellow | Krummel Lab
University of California San Francisco (UCSF) | 2023 – present

Immunology PhD Candidate | Majeti Lab
Stanford University | 2017 – 2023
Dissertation: Characterizing Cell-autonomous and Non-autonomous Contributions of RUNX1 Loss in Hematopoiesis and Leukemogenesis using Genetically Engineered Primary Human Cells
Awards & Honors: SGF 2016, NSF GRFP 2017, Lieberman Fellowship 2021

Academic Research Technician | Hung Lab
Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard | 2015-2016
Investigated how heterogeneous regulation of LPS modifications by PhoPQ and PmrAB in S. Typhimurium modulate Type I IFN response in mouse macrophages. Developed single-cell RNA-Seq method to simultaneously probe host and pathogen transcriptomes.

Undergraduate Research Assistant | Weinberg Lab
Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research | 2013-2014
Characterized the role of phospholipase A2 and its downstream effectors to investigate the role of fatty acid metabolism in the epithelial mesenchyamal transition. Probed mesenchymal cancer cell and T cell interaction by assaying effect of cytokine stimulation on mesenchymal cancer cells.
Awards & Honors: Amgen Scholar 2014


Private Tutor: Immunology | 2021 – 2023

Contributor |  Secret of Life. 
Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard | 2015-2017, 2021-2022

Course Organizer | Biology and Disease of Hematopoiesis (IMMUNOL 223).
Stanford University | 2020

Instructor | Diversifying Graduate Admissions (BIOS 284).
Stanford University | 2019

Teaching Assistant | Immunology Graduate Student StartUp.
Stanford University | 2018

Program Leader | Stanford ADVANCE Summer Institute
Stanford University | 2017

Teaching Assistant | Introduction to Biology (7.012)
MIT Department of Biology | 2014
Award: Gene Brown Prize

Teaching Assistant | Introduction to Experimental Biology & Communication (7.02)
MIT Department of Biology | 2012

Mentorship & Advocacy

Black In Immuno | 2020-present: Co-organizer and Board Member

Senior Program Leader | REACH Post-Baccalaureate Program
Stanford University | 2022-2023
Manage team of ten program leaders to provide mentorship and plan workshops and courses to postbac cohort. Administer surveys to inform program improvement and to evaluate postbac sense of belonging, skills, and relationship with research mentors.

Co-organizer | Improving Intercultural Competencies Utilizing the Intercultural Development Inventory
Stanford University | 2021-2023
Assess cross-cultural competency and create action plans to increase inclusivity and equity in the academic space
Awards: Wellness Mini Grant (Stanford Recreation and Wellness & Well-being at Stanford), Teaching and Mentoring Academy Innovation Grant (Stanford Medicine)

Student Representative
Stanford Immunology | 2022: Student Program Committee
Stanford Immunology | 2020-2021: Community, Diversity, and Inclusion in Immunology Committee
Stanford Biosciences | 2019-2021: Biosciences Diversity Advisory Council
Stanford Biosciences | 2020: Search Committee for Senior Associate Dean of Graduate Education
Stanford Immunology | 2019-2020: Executive Committee
Stanford Medicine | 2018-2019: Diversity Cabinet
Stanford Biosciences | 2018-2019: Committee on Graduate Admissions & Policy

ADVANCE Undergraduate Institute | 2020-2021: college students
EDGE | 2019-2021: graduate students
SBSA | 2017-2020: graduate students
Graduate Pathways to STEM | 2017: college students
SMYSP | 2017: high school students

Lab Mentor
Stanford PSTP | 2021 – present: medical student
VPUE Faculty Grant | 2020: undergraduate student
CIRM Bridges Program | 2019: masters student
SIMR/CIRM SPARK Program | 2018-2019: high school students

President | BioAIMS
Stanford University | 2018-2019
Advocate for equitable and holistic graduate admissions processes. Represent graduate student interests in Stanford long-range planning initiatives. Expand and strengthen cross-campus collaborations to fill gaps in mentorship and resource accessibility.
Awards: Community Impact Award (Stanford Alumni Association); Excellence in Advocacy Award (DAC); Excellence in Service to Graduate Students Award (Stanford Biosciences) Leaving A Legacy Campus Impact Award (Student Activities & Leadership); Diversity and Inclusion Innovation Funds (VPGE, “Someone Like Me“, “Diversity Perspectives“)

Financial Officer | BioAIMS
Stanford University | 2017-2018
Coordinated funds to educate about and respond to national issues and events. Managed $20k budget.